Gifts #wwwblogs

The first talent learned The last to leave Creation and destruction In one magical breath We hold fire In our hands Feel it cresting Within our spirits Ready to crash Like a wave Upon a hostile shore Reshaping the world Patient Inexorable Advancing Our hunger matches The flames As we become fire Birthing it Giving … Continue reading Gifts #wwwblogs

Living on the Page ~ #wwwblogs

For my readerly and writerly friends, that title is probably self-explanatory. Between pleasure reading, reading books to review, and writing our own stories, we spend a lot of time with our noses in a book...or, you know, a kindle, a nook, a tablet, something! When we come up for air, if you're anything like I … Continue reading Living on the Page ~ #wwwblogs

The Song That Never Ends…#MondayBlogs

I don't know if this is unique to my children, but they sing "the song that never ends." Depending on who's having a grumpy day, the other one will start singing it just to needle the grump. Their unexpected side benefit is the slippery loss of my sanity, as I put my head down on … Continue reading The Song That Never Ends…#MondayBlogs

The Thrill of the Schedule…#MondayBlogs

Mapping. Mapping out a day, a week, a month. Not mapping out any particular location - just the space I need to accomplish multiple tasks. At this time of year, the road map becomes fragmented with fun, and gift wrap, and cocoa and school sing-alongs, and the feeding of those near and dear to our … Continue reading The Thrill of the Schedule…#MondayBlogs

The Art of the Rewrite…#MondayBlogs

I took a poetry seminar with Barry Spacks when I was in University. At the end of the class, he gave each of us (we were a group of 6) a slim volume of poetry that he had inscribed. In mine he wrote that I understood that beauty requires hard labor. Welcome to rewrites. You … Continue reading The Art of the Rewrite…#MondayBlogs

Tongue in Cheek Definitions…

What is an author? A writer? Instead of going down a serious path, I thought that today merits a few of the sillier definitions. You know you are an author when: - you spend HOURS with your imaginary friends - instead of asking WWJD, you catch yourself wondering what your protagonist would do - when … Continue reading Tongue in Cheek Definitions…

Overcoming the block…#MondayBlogs

It happens. We all get stuck periodically. Some meditate. Some keep right on working. I'm a firm believer in taking a break when I hit a wall. The thing is, that break has to be productive. I like to get a change of scenery. Whether in a literal or theoretical sense depends on the snag. … Continue reading Overcoming the block…#MondayBlogs

Tripleheader…Missing Days!

Today's blog posts will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday... Be patient when you get a lot of notifications today. 🙂 On Tuesday, my thoughts were devoted to "crime and punishment" - from a writing standpoint, of course. In dealing with consequences for characters, I often wrestle with whether those characters should have a proverbial book … Continue reading Tripleheader…Missing Days!

Building Character…#MondayBlogs

For most of my life, I've heard the phrase "pain builds character." It's true: our trials can build our character, we are made of some pretty stern stuff, after all. But what about our actual characters in our novels? Every writer I know has a different process for creating their novels, and the characters therein. … Continue reading Building Character…#MondayBlogs