The Thrill of the Schedule…#MondayBlogs


Mapping out a day, a week, a month. Not mapping out any particular location – just the space I need to accomplish multiple tasks.

At this time of year, the road map becomes fragmented with fun, and gift wrap, and cocoa and school sing-alongs, and the feeding of those near and dear to our hearts. My characters fade a bit as flesh and bone loved ones take center stage. And always, travelling through the back roads of my mind, the journey of plot continues.

A day is broken down into drop off and pick up, the hours between devoted to writing, editing, uploading and client calls. Somewhere within those hours, cookies are baked, the house is cleaned, laundry is done.

Always the map needs room for the detours of life: the fence that came down in the high winds of last night, the extra traffic of seasonal visitors.

Yet, despite the pace, despite the unexpected, there is peace that translates itself onto the page and onto my face.

Monday blessings of peace and calm to you all. xoxo

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