Climbing #FridayPhilosophy

I thought today I should share some uplifting words on climbing. I may have been influenced by watching a recent news report on Alex Honnold and his free solo of El Capitan. 😜 Si, for those of us who may find the day to be an uphill battle, here are some words of wisdom: "It … Continue reading Climbing #FridayPhilosophy


"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." ~ John Muir I spend so much of my time writing about water, since it's pretty much my favorite place to be - in the water, near the water, you get the idea! I thought it would be a nice shift to share quotes … Continue reading Wilderness

Friday Philosophy ~ Mantras

I've been thinking about mantras lately. A mantra is a personal slogan. You can choose any mantra you like: invent your own, quote a famous one, however you want to do it. But, why? What's the point? Sometimes, it helps to have a positive focal phrase or reminder. It seems way too easy to remember … Continue reading Friday Philosophy ~ Mantras

Friday Philosophy…Power

We are all infinitely powerful beings. We may forget this truth, because we think power means having control, or that things always go our way. Power runs deeper than that: it comes from being miraculous and magical creations. We transcend time, and we are filled with an incredible capacity for faith and love and hope … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Power

Friday Philosophy of Uplifting Words…

It's a theme, but not an in-depth analysis of a single word. I've been listening to Podcasts this week. The way I see it, I am nearing middle age when I find music radio aggravating and talk radio wonderful. 😉 More specifically, I've been listening to "Magic Lessons" with Liz Gilbert. So, this week, I'd … Continue reading Friday Philosophy of Uplifting Words…