Friday Philosophy…Yule

On the 21st, the Winter Solstice, Yule officially begins. For Pagans, Yule was a celebration of light, in the midst of what is seasonally a "darker" time of year. When Christianity arrived, Yule traditions were appropriated into the story of Jesus and we began to commemorate the birth of Christ. I'd also like to add … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Yule

The Littlest Olive…#MondayBlogs

During our wedding, we had one toast. Well, okay, Maddie and Moses toasted us as well - short, simple, sweet words of congratulations. Really, just the word itself - "congratulations." But we had one grown-up toast. The tumour raider's Aunt toasted us with a story of olives. Since Lara is Greek, olives are abundant: in … Continue reading The Littlest Olive…#MondayBlogs