The Littlest Olive…#MondayBlogs

During our wedding, we had one toast. Well, okay, Maddie and Moses toasted us as well – short, simple, sweet words of congratulations. Really, just the word itself – “congratulations.” But we had one grown-up toast.

The tumour raider’s Aunt toasted us with a story of olives. Since Lara is Greek, olives are abundant: in our food, in gardens, in artwork. I love olives, so this is an all-around win for me. What I never realized (because I was too busy eating olives) was the significance and symbolism of the olive. I didn’t learn that until my wedding day.

There is a rich backstory to the olive. In Scripture, the dove returned with a sprig of the olive tree to tell Noah that there was once again land. Christ was crucified on a cross made out of the wood of an olive tree. Anointing oils were made from the olive.

In Greek mythology, Athena won a contest by offering the gift of the olive tree.

In real life, the olive can withstand storms and destruction, planting its roots ever deeper, no matter what may take place at the surface level. And the olive tree will provide fruit no matter what climate may be, it simply goes dormant during those seasons it could not otherwise withstand.

That was her toast for us, and her blessing upon up: that we are like the olive, and like the olive our roots will grow firmly and spread, no matter what may be thrown at us.

I wanted to share, because it’s an amazing blessing and wish for every single person. We should all be like the olive: resilient and hardy throughout generations. That is a legacy to pass on to our children, and grands, and greats.

Blessings to you all, and a happy #Monday!

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