Stalking the Demon – Ciara Ballintyne #WriterWednesday

I waited for this sequel, as did my teenager. We have now both finished it, ooh'ed and aah'ed over it and I have come up with a very short review. WHEN WILL THE NEXT BOOK BE OUT?! We met Alloran, Dek, and Gisayne in "Confronting the Demon." In "Stalking the Demon," we learn how romance … Continue reading Stalking the Demon – Ciara Ballintyne #WriterWednesday

Writer Wednesday…Ciara Ballintyne

Today's Writer Wednesday subject is the Fantasy author Ciara Ballintyne. I "met" Ciara on Twitter, and just read her novel "Confronting the Demon." Her main character, Alloran, is a wizard on the run. As he pushes through the very unique challenges and dangers facing him, he manages to still be a "regular" man, someone we … Continue reading Writer Wednesday…Ciara Ballintyne