Writer Wednesday…Ciara Ballintyne

Today’s Writer Wednesday subject is the Fantasy author Ciara Ballintyne. I “met” Ciara on Twitter, and just read her novel “Confronting the Demon.”

Her main character, Alloran, is a wizard on the run. As he pushes through the very unique challenges and dangers facing him, he manages to still be a “regular” man, someone we can all relate to. Not only did I find myself nodding at different perspectives that Ciara’s character expressed, at several moments I was chuckling and laughing at his take on what he was experiencing.

When the novel ended, I wanted more. It’s not that the story line wasn’t resolved, but that I still want more of the characters: Alloran, Gisayne, and what must be still to come for the group of wizards and sorceresses on the hunt for a wanted man (at the start).

Ciara is able to create an entirely new world and make it not only real, but credible. I could picture myself wandering through the streets and alleys along with the characters. When they were faced with extremely unappealing signs of a demon, I found my imagination entirely engaged (and found myself becoming, at times, rather squeamish haha).

I highly recommend this novel, and can’t wait to read more from Ciara Ballintyne!

For more from this author, please visit http://www.ciaraballintyne.com

To download “Confronting the Demon,” please visit the following link:


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