Warmth #MondayBlogs

The nights grow long In winter's melody Of windsong and distant owls The desert hides away As the sun sinks Beyond the mountains Huddled into nest and den In search of warmth Memory carries us Through the sleepless nights Without dream or rest To offer relief We hold fast To remembered warmth To each other … Continue reading Warmth #MondayBlogs

Wounds #MondayBlogs

My wounds Hold weight And have a memory Of their own The sun burst through And cast brightness Into the dark Of what was broken A shadow cast Where dreams once walked Until the light Came from me Shining through the broken spaces Brightening the darkness That stole sunshine - Caroline A. Slee

Down to Business!

Just a brief post to you all to get the word out: Starting tomorrow, June 13, 2016, Blessing will be listed as a Kindle Countdown Deal. If you buy the kindle edition tomorrow, it will cost $0.99. The cost will increase over the course of the week, until it returns to its normal list price … Continue reading Down to Business!

Works In Progress! The Happy Writer.

I am living in two worlds right now, from a writing standpoint. I am making progress on "The Cancer-Free Trainer." This is a step-by-step overview to what worked for me in recovering from my cancer treatment. It's the movement and exercise that helped me get back to my body again. In other words, this is … Continue reading Works In Progress! The Happy Writer.


It's that time of year. Everyone is out doing last minute shopping, while trying to remember the reason for this holiday. I thought I'd go for the history lesson. Yule was a pagan holiday that was absorbed into the Christian tradition of Christmas. Yule was basically significant because it coincided with the Winter Solstice, meaning … Continue reading Yule…#MondayBlogs