Doubt is a plague Following on the heels Of a devil Calling himself anxiety The constant state of alert The gnawing worry That whispers in the night Pulling me out of dreams And into the tossing And turning Of my mind Until Like a soft rain Breath connects Warmth returns And the body sinks Into … Continue reading Insignificant

Head Games…#MondayBlogs

If you listen to conference speakers, coaches, podcast hosts, teachers, you hear a recurring theme: mastery comes from mental strength. I like to think of that statement when I'm putting in miles, running. I can train my body, but it's nothing without training my mind. That kind of training means really looking inward, and listening … Continue reading Head Games…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Cognitive Dissonance

Yes, it's been a week. I find myself suffering from the above this week: plagued by contradictions on my thoughts and approaches. I've been by turns praying with absolute conviction, and beset by tidal waves of doubt; productive, yet feeling I've accomplished little; creative and blocked. See - it's been a week! 😉 In keeping … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Cognitive Dissonance