No Man’s Land

Somewhere between dream life and waking the body remains as the mind takes flight to everywhere a journey projected through stars and time’s fabric lifting us over worlds and worries the body wages its wars as the mind overcomes, over and again trapped between the dream life and waking - Caroline A. Slee

The Weaker #wwwblogs

I dream beyond Outside these walls Without limits Shedding the skin That casts me as weaker Finding the simple Twisted through the complications Of endless chatter Words falling without meaning Meant only to drown Opposing voices I dream beyond The silence Expected of me The perfectly pleasing I leave unfulfilled Reveling instead In the dreaming … Continue reading The Weaker #wwwblogs


A little plot-based poetry, to start the novel-writing week.

When Anxiety Comes Knocking…#MondayBlogs

Last night, I "thought" I went into heart failure. I was asleep when this happened, mind you, but it felt extremely real. The girl who kept travelling near me using only a pogo stick didn't alert me to the fact that I was dreaming. When I finally clawed my way, gasping, back to the surface … Continue reading When Anxiety Comes Knocking…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Caution

Do you see what I did there? That title is actually a bit of reverse psychology. 🙂 I'm advocating that you stop being cautious and just pursue your dreams: do that brazenly, confidently, and joyfully. Caution can be an absolute killer. As a caveat, I am not advocating that you be irresponsible. I just suggest … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Caution


I mentioned earlier that I have been extremely fatigued lately.  I told Lara the other day that I feel like I actually had more energy during chemo, than I do right now.  It seems as though everything has caught up with me, finally, and now I keep having to lie down for a nap. In … Continue reading Dreamscapes…#ArchiveDay