The future’s long view

Sweet Dreams

May falls behind us as we tumble into summer the dream of downtime and family time cast large on the screen of our eyes finding new spaces to grow and to be the sweet call of summer moving through us in dreams - Caroline A. Slee

Dreams Return

Survival is not enough in the span of everything breathing free is a gift a bliss we forget until we begin the slow suffocation of the air as it fails us dreams return quiet or unspoken a secret we keep to ourselves casting our circle smaller to guard that small flame - Caroline A. Slee

Sinking Cities #MondayBlogs

Photo by Rachel Xiao on Our dreams were too heavy a burden unbearable weighing down the world with each ponderous step Our dreams were too heavy sinking beneath the waves an endless drowning figure ghostlike in the gloom Our dreams were too heavy sinking cities, tearing down the stars etched upon our hearts as … Continue reading Sinking Cities #MondayBlogs

The Chase

Rest will come with dreams of the air a peace we chase with our eyes shut tight ~ Caroline A. Slee

The Sandman #FolkloreThursday

Photo by Skylar Kang on Dreams were not simply dreams but a wish and a hope cast over us as we slept the sandman delivering blessings to a sleeping world oblivious to the magic at hand reaping only the sweet reward - Caroline A. Slee