Lucid Dreaming

Photo by Александар Цветановић on Somewhere within the wakefulness we journey through the dreams reshaping fantasy with reality molding every vision that we've seen We cast aside the reckless freedom and the rest our bodies seek to force our will onto imagination holding control high above our peace Somewhere within our wakefulness our dreams … Continue reading Lucid Dreaming


As night falls I am carried Outside of self A bird's eye view Of my own struggle to rest Breath sends me floating Lifting me above As mind seeks to pull me Back into the mire My heart beats the rhythm My limbs melt through air As dreams begin to reach for me To tell … Continue reading Flying


We begin to dream our dreams As the slate is washed clean A blank canvas inviting change As we dive in beyond our depth Shifting ourselves outside of comfort Finding strength in the unknown We call into the darkness A challenge we rise to meet The slate is clean Inviting the image we create And … Continue reading Slate

In dreaming fields

Lavender blooms And bows in the the breeze In dreaming fields As our steps slow down And the bees make their travels Spreading life as they go In dreaming fields Where we rest our bones The sun shines gently A forgiving star In dreaming fields As our eyes drift closed And the sky watches over … Continue reading In dreaming fields

Capturing Dreams

As sleep falls away Images fade And memory plays tricks With the visions That danced before us A moment of wisdom Feels just out of reach Lost in the confusion Between two worlds We weave webs To catch the nightmares To hold them apart From our vulnerability As our defenses vanish But we lose The … Continue reading Capturing Dreams

Mythological #MondayBlogs

We slip from the sea Seeking the heat Held within the stony shore Basking Scales reflecting the sun's light Diamond-bright Blinding to the gaze Invisible in all of our color Human eyes never see Though we rest In plain view We are hidden In our fantastical reality Of the sea And land and sky We … Continue reading Mythological #MondayBlogs

Morning Run #MondayBlogs

Racing into stormy skies Past sleepy houses And laundry steam A world my own Domestic wildlife Dogging my feet As I give chase To dreams Piercing the storms With light ~ Caroline A. Slee

The Blessed Unknown

Dreams await Full color or faded We can't say We stand on this side Structured in our logic And rational routines Never quite stepping through  That open door Where truth lives Where we become Wings opening Taking flight Defying the logical  And mundane daily beliefs To soar To BE The magic inside

Two Weeks…#MondayBlogs

We are down to the vacation time length before #thisis40. My birthday present arrived early. Since I'm turning 40, it seemed like a good time to ask for a bike. 🙂 We've already been pedaling around town a little, since it's cooling off. This is the time of year we all become grateful for our … Continue reading Two Weeks…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Sudden Death

No, not sudden death overtime. Just the unexpected - and not death in the most literal of terms, either. The sudden death I refer to can be the death of a dream, a friendship, even a point of view you have held close to your heart (see last week's Cognitive Dissonance post haha). Basically, this … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Sudden Death