Disassociation #MondayBlogs

We only see the surface

We Should Be Impossible

We should be impossible Finding our way Though we are not welcome Building a path Through mountains and concrete Planting our roots Where they ought not grow We should be impossible Forgotten and cast aside Yet quietly starting to flourish Despite that impossibility We create the possible Whether in anger Or despair Or stubborn hopefulness … Continue reading We Should Be Impossible


Sharp-eyed Navigating currents Holding the line Steady Lethal Always on the hunt Patient To a fault And at the right moment Daredevil and fierce Plunging through The trees In single-minded pursuit A life known Only after its end In every healed bone Every old wound Every badge Of the life she led ~ Caroline A. … Continue reading Cooper


Holding fast at the edge on a moment of bliss and a rush of power flowing to my limbs dancing along my bloodstream I become more-than-human sexless chasing the animal within me transforming as the fierce is resurrected and the meek is laid to rest I find myself again at the threshold where worlds wait … Continue reading Threshold…#MondayBlogs


Love arrives with a crash A moment that leaves no room For doubt Love continues With a rush A force of nature That will not be denied And love Never dies It is the immortal Tangled in frailty And cloaked in the wild It will not Be silenced #loveconquersall

The “F” Word…#MondayBlogs

I haven't posted any poetry on here lately, so I thought I'd change the pace for this #MondayBlogs. The "F" Word She is fierce Ferocious Although a gentle sprite Lost in a world that still has faith in faeries and magic and all things unseen Some would call her flighty Or flaky Or a free-spirited … Continue reading The “F” Word…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Mighty!

I suddenly have a second wind. It was 112 degrees here today, so I suppose it makes more sense for me to feel suddenly refreshed when the temperature dips a little. Hence, the topic of today's Friday Philosophy. "From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow." ~ Aeschylus "He who conquers others is strong; … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Mighty!