The “F” Word…#MondayBlogs

I haven’t posted any poetry on here lately, so I thought I’d change the pace for this #MondayBlogs.

The “F” Word

She is fierce
Although a gentle sprite
Lost in a world
that still has faith
in faeries and magic
and all things unseen
Some would call her flighty
Or flaky
Or a free-spirited child
Trapped within an old soul mind
She is everything
And nothing
While facing demons and storms
A warrior who weeps
Over each failing
While turning feral
Finding the beast within
Without warning or shift
She is more than others see
And less than she would be
She will challenge your views
Your definitions
And limits
She is all that is ineffable
Without borders:
Woman –

More of a strange stream-of-consciousness today…

Happy #Monday, and blessings to you all!

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