Maximilien Robespierre #FridayPhilosophy

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” - Maximilien Robespierre


Photo by Monstera on Power flows word by word a page alight with ideas magic unfurls word by word a spell to spark imagination speak the truth though it may be dark and brighten it with your voice freedom opens word by word casting all chains aside - Caroline A. Slee

William Wallace #FridayPhilosophy

"Any society which suppresses the heritage of its conquered minorities, prevents their history or denies them their symbols, has sown the seeds of their own destruction." - William Wallace It is important to remember how long freedom has been a war we have had to fight. Blessings to you all...

Safe Passage #MondayBlogs

If we could follow a journey as the crow flies we would find our way over the murk leaving behind the disruption and misdirection we would soar to our rightful place we seek only safe passage through a darkness that grows we chase warmth on a cold night and sunlight at the dawn but we … Continue reading Safe Passage #MondayBlogs

Torrent #MondayBlogs

We move forward As the bridges behind us Wash away We step forward As the climb grows steep And the plateau shifts We reach forward Hope twined with panic As the life we held slips away We move forward Seeking safety and freedom As we face the long goodbye - Caroline A. Slee


They were neither Sirens not mermaids Driving ships off course And there was no Song of destruction Men went mad And lost their way And travelers found a story To blame But the mystic Was not there - The loss And the wandering Were their own Women sat upon the rocks A force to themselves … Continue reading Outcroppings

A Song of Love ~ #wwwblogs

The rich words: equality, liberty a promise of a future open to all people went to war for it dreamed of it fled terror and poverty to chase that tomorrow but freedom is a revolution it does not end it is not a set period of history it is alive breathing and only we who … Continue reading A Song of Love ~ #wwwblogs

False Freedoms

Independence is a gift reserved for the very few And freedom is a myth for the masses Your differences make you a target a false name an object But you swim against currents and against tides Seeking a goddess only you sense free to be solitary Living in false freedom until your skin your shape … Continue reading False Freedoms

Secret Keeper

My secrets are not quiet I hold them plainly within my cupped hands fingers close together so they can travel with me I speak them breathe them surrounded by strangers freeing each one in an exhalation past released energy shifted and my form holding true my secrets drift along a ripple every smaller fading until … Continue reading Secret Keeper