A Song of Love ~ #wwwblogs

The rich words:
equality, liberty
a promise
of a future
open to all
people went to war for it
dreamed of it
fled terror
and poverty
to chase that tomorrow
but freedom
is a revolution
it does not end
it is not a set period
of history
it is alive
and only we
who cherish freedom
for all
can sustain it ~ Caroline A. Slee

In 1828, Maryland allowed Jewish men the vote. They were the last holdout, preventing a population of white men their right to a voice at the ballot box on the grounds of their religion.

In 1870, we made further progress, and all men were allowed to vote, no matter their color or their religion.

In 1919, gender stopped factoring in. If your skin stretched in a feminine way, you were suddenly allowed to vote.

Very quietly, in 1924, Native Americans were allowed American citizenship and granted the right to vote.

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