Portals Who can say what waits for us as we ready to pass through such a simple act of choice opening up new worlds who can say what we leave behind as we step forward one small action changing our path and our future - Caroline A. Slee

Headfirst #MondayBlogs

The time for caution has moved behind us a thing of the past the small lives swept inside boxes and lines expand into the world stepping outside expectation we plunge headfirst into the present moment starting the wave that will become future self - Caroline A. Slee


We rocket on set in a forward course locked into the future we cannot yet see all hope without evidence and a path obscure - Caroline A. Slee

Friday Philosophy…Empires

No, I am not talking about the television series "Empire." 🙂 We've only just had cable for the first time in ages, so I haven't even begun to catch up on any tv shows. I'm talking about building, working for the future, and contemplating the idea of legacies. I'm approaching this from a more positive … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Empires