Of Worlds and Galaxies


The Abstraction Distraction #MondayBlogs

A heavy door moves to close itself on the year that falls slowly into the past so many of us well shut of it with the struggles and the suffers that came as the dreamers and the creators dwelled on the page and the canvas seeing the rise of new worlds the collapse of old … Continue reading The Abstraction Distraction #MondayBlogs

Triumphant #wwwblogs

She has tasted defeat More often than anyone sees But always She returns She is more than human More than mortal Stars swim within her skin And her minds opens like galaxies Who would ever dare Reduce her to nothing Treat her as object When she is power Wandering the earth On two legs Such … Continue reading Triumphant #wwwblogs


We are alien The other Foreign galaxies Hiding in everyday flesh Our stories A circle Around a fire Within darkness Musical Flat A spectrum of color Holding delight  And grief We carry the world Our pasts Our collective Stories Will change the future With every Spoken truth