A heavy door moves to close itself
on the year that falls slowly into the past
so many of us well shut of it
with the struggles and the suffers that came
as the dreamers and the creators
dwelled on the page and the canvas
seeing the rise of new worlds
the collapse of old gods –
We have lived in our ideas
like sleepwalkers drifting across empty rooms
holding galaxies within our minds
and setting them forth at the end of our instruments –
whether pen or brush or bow –
We have seen generations to their apex and their ruin
from within four walls
that never matched our abilities to escape –
We have traveled with our mind’s eye
through invisible portals we cast before ourselves
And played the endless song set to ring in the new
born out of the ashes of the old ~ Caroline A. Slee

The Abstraction Distraction #MondayBlogs

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