Grounding The sky lies close to the Earth abundance rising from the soil as windmills slowly turn in their lazy dance my eyes drift closed my feet planted on the soil feeling the Earth rise through me feeling my soul take root grounding myself to reach to the sky a celebration of joy and calm … Continue reading Grounding

A Sense of Direction #MondayBlogs

A Sense of Direction #MondayBlogs The North calls us to the cold a divine hand, pointing upward - while Eastward the sunrise puddles us with her heat and fire - we dive deep for a Southern call not a drowned world, but a peaceful one - while the West grants us rest to tuck ourselves … Continue reading A Sense of Direction #MondayBlogs

A Place for Everything

A Place for Everything Each piece of paper written thoughts books upon books offering dreams the furniture and the artwork the memory of hours all of the energy of every soul who graced the space a place for everything I carry with me as my heart grows with every passing year - Caroline A. Slee


New things bloom in the fertile soil we have tilled and labored over with years of our sweat we green our own grass pause to smell the flowers and lift our faces to the sun in gratitude - Caroline A. Slee

Storm’s Rage

The seas will rise and roar with anger the winds will howl and shriek their pain and mankind will huddle into safety and shelter as the storm's rage unleashes itself The earth will shudder and tremble before it the skies splitting open with a howl and animals will huddle into dens and nests hiding away … Continue reading Storm’s Rage


The discovery of abundancean exploration of the heartwith a celebration of joy and beauty and gratitudeto shade our perspectivessmoothing away our sharp edges ~ Caroline A. Slee

Shade #wwwblogs

The road ahead grows longer in the shade Stripes stretching angles across our path Air holds its stillness, the meditation of the wild As the ground catches our footfalls beneath us We breathe in the life that abounds Whisper a gratitude to the trees Prayers rise from the richness of the soil Tracing through our … Continue reading Shade #wwwblogs

Shifting Seasons

We find moments of autumn As spring emerges A gentle reminder That the cycle continues. In the day-to-day when we may feel burdened The seasons Are always shifting: Nurturing us In their rhythm Carrying us forward On changing winds - Caroline A. Slee

As Above #MondayBlogs

My feet dance Upon the sky As the clouds soften My waking hours A world in beauty Awakening my senses Cloaking me In gratitude Though I may be stuck In momentary forgetfulness These sights bring me back To my own heart No matter how far I may travel Or the years In between I am … Continue reading As Above #MondayBlogs