Revealed #wwwblogs

We have hidden our faces for so long In a world that wants our end We are the whispering voices: barely overheard And the corner-of-the-eye glimpse Of what is not there We are still here, as many as before We occupy space in a world that denies our existence Though we do it carefully, so … Continue reading Revealed #wwwblogs

Walls #MondayBlogs

We seek separation A world unto ourselves Though we are never alone So we must cast Our divisions Alongside our path Cloaking ourselves In our differences Mindful only Of our wants Shouting them out As needs Placing them before Virtue Kindness Paving paths with hatred And reinforcing hearts With emptiness Unless we join hands Stand … Continue reading Walls #MondayBlogs

Unforgiving #MondayBlogs

They hide Their dessicated hearts Behind a book Speaking venom With a smile Quick to levy blame On others Casting ill will Upon love They forget The power they assign When they scream That I am sin I am the flood I am the storm The earth trembles Where I stand No more And no … Continue reading Unforgiving #MondayBlogs

Grace ~ #wwwblogs

A blanket statementOf twisted scriptureTorn awayFrom its purposeWhat is craven Hides beyondThe Sunday smilesAnd politician handshakePrejudice beginsAt the pulpit In un-anointed wordsHintingAt a holy contextWhen the soleMessage and lessonWas meant to beLove For all and for everyNot a scant fewLoveWas the commandAnd loveHas long been lostBeyond the fire and brimstoneOf hatred ~ Caroline A. Slee

Friday Philosophy…Hatred

You've been hearing a lot about hatred lately, haven't you? It's been gussied up and paraded about as a "solution" to the current problems we are facing. It's an oversimplification, though, in my opinion. Or, to rephrase, it is intellectually and morally lazy to demonize an entire people based upon the actions of a few. … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Hatred