Third Eye

Meditating into vision


We awaken to intuition the sight that comes unbidden the world we see in shades and glows the fire of hidden knowledge our third eye opens to bring us vision the power forgotten beneath logic and pressure we see once more clarity and the real as intuition awakens our sleeping wisdom - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on A pinch to the back of the neck intuition diving into the tangible, the visible to shout us awake skin starts its crawling alarm begging us to stop to come to attention like all of the baby hairs up and down the arms standing upright a claxon sounding in … Continue reading Crawling

Sighted ~ #wwwblogs

A world obscured in summer's snow blanketing our vision limiting the senses The world diminishes to the smallest radius sound going liquid beneath weighted branches Fog rolls downward drifting from the mountaintops cocooning the trees And we must step outward onto the ledge of our intuition to guide ourselves Along the path we would choose … Continue reading Sighted ~ #wwwblogs

Time Stops

A world devoid of human bustle only sky and cloud and sea live here at the end of the world my feet touch the sand and wings lift me in flight above the water until I become the elements the rain and wind and surging waves are within me alive and beyond reason a creature … Continue reading Time Stops

Intuition ~ #MondayBlogs

They start on us when we're oh, so young before understanding more animal mind than manners reminding us that politeness wins out over instinct that the need to escape danger should be suppressed a forbidden impulse we learn to hide goosebumps along the spine and a frisson of tiny hairs along the nape of the … Continue reading Intuition ~ #MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Zen

Zen. What is it? Do we achieve it, like Nirvana? No, not the grunge bank, the transcendental state of being after deep meditation. Or, as one teacher explained it: the state of no longer thinking. If you look up the word "zen" in a search engine, you find out quite a bit about Buddhism. And, … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Zen