Intuition ~ #MondayBlogs

They start on us
when we’re oh, so young
before understanding
more animal mind
than manners
reminding us that politeness
wins out over instinct
that the need
to escape danger
should be suppressed
a forbidden impulse
we learn to hide
goosebumps along the spine
and a frisson of tiny hairs
along the nape of the neck
push it down
choke it down
ignore, ignore
that voice inside?
She’s crazy!
those whispers only
lead to disappointment
the misanthrope
the odd woman out
closing her eyes
and listening to her gut
she can never be
never just be
in a world that wants
her depths are to be feared
to be filled
with meaningless noise
until she wanders lost
in a world without a North
and a haze of lies
drowning her primal knowledge – Caroline A. Slee

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