Happy International Women’s Day! #FridayPhilosophy

I love celebration. A doctor once told my Tumor Raider and I that you should jump at every chance for a celebration, and today we celebrate women. So, quotes in honor of the day: "To tell a woman everything she cannot do is to tell her everything she can." ~ Spanish Proverb "We realize the … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day! #FridayPhilosophy

Friday Philosophy…Quotes by Women

Why quotes by women? Honestly, it was an arbitrary choice. I didn't have a topic word, so I just picked a group at random. 🙂 “To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves--there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.” ~ Joan Didion "Anyone who has a continuous smile … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Quotes by Women

Friday Philosophy…Strength Through Adversity

Let's face it, life isn't always a picnic. As I see it, when faced with adversity/struggles, we have two choices:take it lying down, or grow stronger despite it (or because of it, choose your phrasing there). Still, we're all human and it's so easy to succumb to our own wounds. There's nothing wrong with having … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Strength Through Adversity

Philosophy for the Weekend…

Because laughter truly is the best medicine, I figured that we could just stand to read some silly, humourous quotes today. 🙂 Our morning has already started beautifully: coffee, a walk, and a visit with a friend (was so good to see you, Melissa!). Now we are actually spending some time relaxing. This is one … Continue reading Philosophy for the Weekend…

Friday Philosophy, Ready Set…Nap Time!

As I expected, I had to go on hiatus these past couple of weeks. My Maddie turned 12, and the very next day my Moses turned 8. Lara and I were on the go go go non-stop! Then, we hosted the family Fourth of July party, during which a good time was had by all. … Continue reading Friday Philosophy, Ready Set…Nap Time!