Changemakers #fridayphilosophy

Words have power and magic. They can save a life or change one, when supported by consistent action. They carry answers to questions we have not yet anticipated. They answer what we don't know we don't know. 😊 Changemakers will come in every generation. The key is unlocking the vision for EVERY child to see … Continue reading Changemakers #fridayphilosophy

Friday Philosophy…Will #ArchiveDay

Not as in the future tense. Although, something will happen. It's inevitable. 😉 Today, I'm thinking about will, as in will power or determination. It's that spark of something that keeps us pushing ourselves forward, even when the odds seem to be overwhelming and definitely not in our favor. School is officially out for summer … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Will #ArchiveDay

Friday Philosophy…Muscle

Since mine are loudly protesting every move I make today, this seemed an apt topic for this week's Friday Philosophy. "I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people." ~ Mahatma Gandhi "Practice puts brains in your muscles." ~ Sam Snead 🙂 "A champion is someone who gets … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Muscle

Friday Philosophy…Grief

Grief sneaks up on me sometimes. I'll see something, read something, and this weight will settle onto me and I will fully feel its heaviness. After 39 years, it's pretty normal that I've lost people who mattered to me. I'm not sure that it gets "easier," as so many people say, but it does eventually … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Grief

Friday Philosophy…Physicality

So, since I'm feeling quite celebratory about the return to life underwater (haha), I thought that today's quotable quotes should be about our physicality. To me, this is deeply connected to my spirituality, so this Friday Philosophy is not exactly a "we are here to pump you up" moment. 🙂 "Inward calm cannot be maintained … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Physicality

Friday Philosophy (Now That I’m Awake)

Yesterday morning found me awake by 2:00 a.m. After tossing and turning and attempting to go back to sleep for more than an hour, I finally gave up and made some coffee and started my day. As a result, I was dragging, seriously dragging, all day long. I still feel as though I'm playing catch … Continue reading Friday Philosophy (Now That I’m Awake)

It’s Time for Philosophy, Friday Style…

It is Friday!!!! I would love to say we are on easy street over here, but the truth is that this day has been so bloody packed with chores, I'm ready to fall over. Today's philosophy is all about optimism. I know that optimism gets a bad rap sometimes, but I still think it's the … Continue reading It’s Time for Philosophy, Friday Style…