Beyond four walls and steeples with bells the Earth offers her church a communion with mist as water and sky become one peace stealing over all outside of the world of men - Caroline A. Slee

Misted Skies #MondayBlogs

The sky wars with the sea trapped between salt air and arid waves undecided between the fire and the cool the world dons her veils of mists and steams drowning the sun all-consuming until mountains are washed away above a desert obscured - Caroline A. Slee

Morning Mists

The world is muffled Space distorted Until distance expands And all beyond my steps Has faded - The mist plays tricks Hiding the sun That rises beyond The obscuring wall Covering us - We borrow From the night Living in between the hours That would carry us Into the light - Waiting We stare into … Continue reading Morning Mists

Piercing the veil…

Clouds descend a blanket of mist cooling the earth as we rise mountain-fierce tall in our pride forged from fires miraculous in our every movement we leave our footprints along the shore until even that memory is washed away as we sink beneath the waves creating another world forged within the sea ~ Caroline A. … Continue reading Piercing the veil…