Mirrors #MondayBlogs

broken reflectionsrefracted and shatteredall the light hidden from viewwe have found the darknesswaiting there in those mirrorsrevealing monsterswho have stolen our sightin the fog of madnessthe mirrors holdempty eyesempty facesa soulless world so braveas darkness has found usas we have drowned out the lightembraced the monstersknowingthey are within us ~ Caroline A. Slee


The ghosts of childhood live In the extremes Those spaces below ground Or the narrows above us The slow build of horror Within hearth and home The baggage of regret Of before Of once upon a time Collecting dust In basements and attics Monsters living rent-free Among those memory boxes Following us to every new … Continue reading Spaces

The Madness of Cervantes

His hero would see a field With an army standing ready Demanding he fight For a woman His claim to love means He strips her of her name And pulls her Through madness and folly She is simply The accessory he requires In the story he tells himself Both less and more Than a person … Continue reading The Madness of Cervantes

What’s a Demon, After All? #MondayBlogs

Growing pains happen to grown ups, too.

Tuesday Thoughts on Werewolves…

I realized that I'm running out of time until Halloween. I have to maintain this spooky topic line in order to cover the many monsters out there. 😉 Today, it's werewolves. I'll admit, werewolves weren't really one of the "monsters" that caught my attention. It seemed more tragic than frightening, but, who knows? "Some people … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts on Werewolves…