Friday Philosophy…Running

I don't know if I'm an oddball, or completely normal in how I view running. I've said here before that, for me, swimming is the most meditative experience I achieve. But, running? That's another thing entirely. It's metaphysics. It forces me to examine my constructed reality, my identity, with every step, every mile. When I … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Running

Friday Philosophy…Transformation

I've been participating in Rebecca Dickson's 10 Day You're So Money workshop, to kick off the New Year. Mind you, I've also been working like a lunatic (in a good, happy way) so I've been a quiet participant. One of the posts today was about transformation: becoming the women we know we are. Here we … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Transformation

Friday Philosophy…Loyalty.

Loyalty. Allegiance. Devotion. Faithfulness. I think most of us fail to recognize the value of these, until there's a breakdown of them. What is loyalty? Why does it matter? As Shakespeare told us, our first obligation is to be loyal to ourselves. Beyond that, our loyalty is a choice. In some cases, maybe it's a … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Loyalty.

Friday Philosophy…Strength Through Adversity

Let's face it, life isn't always a picnic. As I see it, when faced with adversity/struggles, we have two choices:take it lying down, or grow stronger despite it (or because of it, choose your phrasing there). Still, we're all human and it's so easy to succumb to our own wounds. There's nothing wrong with having … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Strength Through Adversity