For even the wild pauses to share love and comfort in the middle of chaos so must we breathe and rest into our contentment and nurture each other into tomorrow. ~ Caroline A. Slee

Slipping #MondayBlogs

The noise of the world will fall away and the magic of silence will prevail Our eyes will close to the lurid displays and find an unassailable peace We must create the world we seek if we are to nurture and grow With only love to guide us turning away from anger and hate To … Continue reading Slipping #MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Nurture

We dragged ourselves out of doors today, into the beginning of the heat, and worked around the yard. Tonight saw my usual routine of watering everything in the greenhouse, once the sun had set. Morning saw my Moses win an award at a math competition, and the pure thrill that raced across his face when … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Nurture