Water Seeks Water

Water seeks water toes that miss the sand ankles that need to feel the ocean as I walk a slower pace and return to what I am the ocean is pulling me back to that sense of self welcoming me to immerse myself to sink and play a carefree respite before the world resumes its … Continue reading Water Seeks Water

Without End

The world stretches beyond our gaze beyond our thoughts a reaching ocean an endless embrace trailing over distant shores reconnecting us to who we were - Caroline A. Slee


The sky is a sea Deep and unexplored Taken for granted By those who forget To turn their eyes Upward There are fathoms And layers Covered over With clouds Alight With only the brightness Of dying stars The sky is a sea Reflecting our vast oceans Inviting us all To rise - Caroline A. Slee

Unseen Shores #wwwblogs

My feet stand firm Upon this shore While my heart rises To the violence Of the sea Beyond the chill waves That cover my toes I know another shore Awaits I see it only When I close my eyes I wait for the moment My feet alight Upon those sands Having danced across Oceans To … Continue reading Unseen Shores #wwwblogs

Accidental Hills, and Things You Learn When Out of Town

Did you know that Del Mar is made up entirely of hills? Yeah, neither did I, until I went running this morning. For some reason, during that first mile (entirely uphill) I thought that I just had to crest the hill I was climbing. Then, on the second mile, I knew I had to almost … Continue reading Accidental Hills, and Things You Learn When Out of Town