A sweet escape

A Candle

A Candle The solitary light in the window a candle flickeringinvites us inside a beacon against the darkness a welcoming sign our hearts arrow home truer than any North Star guided by spirit even when we have wandered far away, we still manage our return undefeated even when hurt ready to regroup and heal in … Continue reading A Candle

The Oceans Rise

The Oceans Rise The oceans rise lifted on the winds carrying the salt to cover our skin the oceans rise to crash onto shores pushed into a surge beneath the rotating skies we wait for the eye that moment of quiet as the oceans rise pulled into a white fury synchronized with the storm - … Continue reading The Oceans Rise

The Water and the Sky

The water and the sky bless us with air and flowers and beauty a song of prayer that flows through us as we become one with the water and the sky we connect our roots to the axis that shifts us through the universe a part of the fire of the stars a creation as … Continue reading The Water and the Sky