Shore Break

Resistance at an end carried upon the waves a creature of currents and depths ceasing the fight against nature - Caroline A. Slee

Counting Down

The day fades away sun sinking below the horizon stars take flight and clouds scuttle past a dreamscape run amok as the hours fly past a blur set to warp with the knowledge that time stops that the world slows and the axis tilts beneath the horizon line that approaches with every reluctant breath split … Continue reading Counting Down

The Bay #MondayBlogs

The world closes off as we move towards the shore distant ships following invisible lanes another supply run to a faraway land As morning waves invite play swim, and surf and outriggers as bodies move in poetry the daily ballet of light casting its spell on the shore and calling us all to worship - … Continue reading The Bay #MondayBlogs


We smooth out the edges soothe ourselves on presentation hide the scars deny the flaws forgetting the beauty Every crack in the image allows the light to shine through though we seek to stifle it snuff it out in favor of the best foot forward the false story we tell as our currency never to … Continue reading Flawed


There are worlds only waiting a journey from the comfort of home magic cast and spinning its tale in print and ink and dog-eared pages we find our memories the lives we once lived the near misses the what ifs all artfully woven into comfort and heartbreak tidy endings or cliffhangers and loose ends an … Continue reading Bookworm

Rest #MondayBlogs

It is an afterthought that haphazard ending as day runs out of itself we are careless with these darkened hours choosing to be thoughtless to lose our sense of purpose in a punishing neglect of our own healing choosing to ignore recovery in favor of distraction forgetting the exact science of winding down while our … Continue reading Rest #MondayBlogs

A View

Silvered fronds dancing in wind and sun salt heavy on the air crystal upon the skin hulled out volcanoes greening the countryside as rain comes and goes in its daily clock all of the blues shine in a single expanse until the world ends at the limit of vision - Caroline A. Slee


The day will arrive when we recognize the cliff faces and mountainsides are the journey and our steps and hard-beating hearts are the wings that carry us to each new summit and over rocky terrain easy is long forgotten but the thrill the challenge the journey is our purpose no matter the steep path ahead … Continue reading Buttress

A Fine Day

A gentle start before the race begins all paper and lists and tapping keys a fine day at hand from my window to the world a kiss of the sea carried upon the air - Caroline A. Slee

Kindling #MondayBlogs

neglect sometimes benign otherwise driven by ignorance or greed a world on fire every blade set to kindling left by careless stewards living in denial of consequence and destruction pretending smoke is oxygen and fire is our sun - Caroline A. Slee