We are carried by water tidal creatures floating and flowing with the moon fluid in our movement we are born of water buoyed by hope chasing the light within - Caroline A. Slee


At dawn mountains bleed faintest blushes darkening to reds a watercolor spill pouring over hilltops impassive mountains shift risen into life with the sun - Caroline A. Slee


Galaxies overflow spilling into each other chaotic actions thrown into an uneasy ballet worlds collide predictably nothing can surprise us as we pour ourselves out overflowing with energy to be spent - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com Lovely We honor the lost burning rosemary in remembrance taking beauty from grief transforming our pain we embrace our sacred dead ancestors who walked paths we did not see blazing trails we would come to find centuries later we cherish the dead with incense and masses lovely voices raised … Continue reading Lovely

Blanketing Skies #MondayBlogs

Sunrise swallowed whole by the greedy dust kicked up into storms a vanished sea gone in a snap consumed by starving winds forever unsatisfied blanketing skies sinking down until the world has gone away blanketing skies muffling the hours ending both the night and the day - Caroline A. Slee

The Pink Sea

The pink sea at sunrise pulling me away neon birds dip their wings into the softness of that color the world tilts to new shades as spring yields to coming summer and the pink sea stretches the sun to blanket the broken desert - Caroline A. Slee

Seeking the Sun

We cast aside our darkness turn our faces towards the sun like outstretched flowers chasing the light they need we shrug off winter’s burdens becoming light and bright with spring like a melting world shifting between the frost and the warmth we shift beyond our dormancy seeking the sun creatures of light, seeking light to … Continue reading Seeking the Sun

Heavy Lids

Our eyes do not open when the clock sounds its orders we rise as sleepwalkers to the rhythm of the alarm staggering into action we navigate blindly out of our beds the familiar floors and walls welcoming our morning stumbles - Caroline A. Slee

Headfirst #MondayBlogs

The time for caution has moved behind us a thing of the past the small lives swept inside boxes and lines expand into the world stepping outside expectation we plunge headfirst into the present moment starting the wave that will become future self - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com Hopeful There are moments when time seems to stop a suspended instant where the world shines we find clarity purpose hopeful in our direction a brightness to lead us along our path - Caroline A. Slee