Competing Voices #WWWBlogs

Photo by Anete Lusina on Your truth is still the truth no matter who denies it it is meant to be spoken not choked downlike so much poison reappearing later in all its toxic glory Your truth is still significant no matter how many try to silence it it is meant to be shouted … Continue reading Competing Voices #WWWBlogs

The Perfectionist

Perfection is the blackest magic Robbing the sky of its sun It steals the joy of every room A devil made of poisons That seep into your very bones Until you have become A ghastly shade Always on the drive, the move, the next Jagged edge towards divine Perfection whispers lies It is the "almost" … Continue reading The Perfectionist


Attractive lies Told us That poison would be Transformation A potion To bring about the new So the world Gladly sipped Consuming The toxic But the transformation Was destruction And a world Unrecognizable: Poison killed truth But still we consumed it ~ Caroline A. Slee


I wonder, Was it fast talk, and wheeling deals, when grace was lost to temptation? Or were they sweet words empty promises, that turned us away from our peace? Blessings and curses spill daily from our lips. Every phrase weaves its own spell. Whether a prayer or an incantation it is all the same magic … Continue reading Toxic