Magic unrolls before us A red carpet A road of yellow bricks Walls vanish Or we pass straight through them We have become heroes Villains Ghosts All-powerful or wallflowers Any path Can become our own A journey An escape Astral projection Into endless worlds Each born onto Its own page With its own endings beginnings … Continue reading Portals

Living on the Page ~ #wwwblogs

For my readerly and writerly friends, that title is probably self-explanatory. Between pleasure reading, reading books to review, and writing our own stories, we spend a lot of time with our noses in a book...or, you know, a kindle, a nook, a tablet, something! When we come up for air, if you're anything like I … Continue reading Living on the Page ~ #wwwblogs

Word and Books ~ #MondayBlogs

I don't remember being taught to read. I can remember, pretty far back, my Mom reading to me, my Dad making up stories, my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother reading to me. From that, I remember one day simply reading. And, then, learning to write. My grandmother was a Kindergarten teacher, so playing with her was an … Continue reading Word and Books ~ #MondayBlogs

Tuesday Thoughts…Reading

I've been a bookworm my entire life. I don't remember anyone "teaching" me how to read. I remember people reading to me, and then just doing it for myself. When I was really young, I loved nothing more than diving into a Nancy Drew mystery and whiling away an afternoon. So, as a writer, and … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts…Reading

What Does It Mean to Be an Overnight Success? #MondayBlogs

We've all heard phrases that approximate "overnight success." We have "breakout writers," a phrase that - to me, anyway - implies that this new writer popped up and made it BIG! Actors talk about their early years all the time: "I was convinced I would be a star within (fill in timeframe here) of moving … Continue reading What Does It Mean to Be an Overnight Success? #MondayBlogs