The Blackest Soul…#MondayBlog

"And stern to the haughty, but humble to thee, This soul in its bitterest blackness shall be." ~ Lord Byron The theme of many blog posts this week seems to be the suffering of the artist. 🙂 I've written on this before, wondering aloud (on the page) "Must there be suffering?!" I like to think … Continue reading The Blackest Soul…#MondayBlog

Creating Mythology…#MondayBlogs

So many directions for this one. I suppose I should start with the basics here, and then move on. What is mythology? According to Merriam Webster, mythology is "the study of myths." Surprise! Since that tells us nothing, myths (still according to MW) are "ideas that are believed by many people but that are not … Continue reading Creating Mythology…#MondayBlogs

Writer Problems 101: Kill Them All #MondayBlogs

Too many people deserve to be killed on the page. What's a writer to do?

Friday Philosophy on Schedule…!

It seems I end up busier on Fridays than I am every other day of the week. As a result of that fact, I'm extremely happy to accomplish my Friday Philosophy when it is still Friday. Today's Friday Philosophy is all about REALITY. I'm not going to approach it from the whole "get a grip … Continue reading Friday Philosophy on Schedule…!