There is beauty in the ruin though it longs for usefulness again remembering the sound of voices that filled its halls waiting for the footsteps it used to love to hear ~ Caroline A. Slee

Muscle Memory Through Cancer and Beyond…#MondayBlogs

My Timeline for a Return to Strength Muscle memory is defined as your "motor skill memory." ( My own definition as a former personal trainer and a fitness enthusiast is slightly different: I define muscle memory as the body's ability to regain muscle mass after an absence from physical activities. The average person, once having … Continue reading Muscle Memory Through Cancer and Beyond…#MondayBlogs

Tuesday Thoughts…Planning

Yesterday, on my daughter's birthday, she and I took turns on the treadmill. I ran my 5 miles (which is kind of my standard distance), and she ran 2 1/4 miles (yes, she wanted to be sure I included that 1/4 mile and didn't say "over" 2 miles). While she ran, I added a new … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts…Planning