Tuesday Thoughts…Planning

Yesterday, on my daughter’s birthday, she and I took turns on the treadmill. I ran my 5 miles (which is kind of my standard distance), and she ran 2 1/4 miles (yes, she wanted to be sure I included that 1/4 mile and didn’t say “over” 2 miles). While she ran, I added a new step to my rebuilding: weights.

I haven’t lifted weights in 3 years. I swim, I do resistance based activities, but I have not just lifted up free weights and gone through sets.

I’m pretty darn sore today. My sole physical activity has been walking today, and that was only because Maddie received a FitBit Flex for her birthday and wants to make sure she gets her step counts every day.

I stopped at the local Barnes and Noble to request information on making an appointment to discuss a book signing. Our community is primarily seasonal, so none are set for these summer months. Instead of receiving information, the author event coordinator zipped right out, sat down with me (well, us) for an hour, and set me up FOR MY FIRST BOOK SIGNING! As November approaches, don’t be surprised if I’m inviting every single one of you to come to a book signing. 🙂

In other news, I thought I would start a series here on rebuilding. As each week passes, I am able to work back into the fitness routines I once enjoyed so much. My strength is returning. Now, I think it’s time to map it out for anyone suffering through the same long recovery period.

On that note, should any of you have questions, ideas, experiences you’d like to share, please comment on these posts. I can bring some of my experience as a trainer into this, and hopefully help others as we go.

To strength, and resilience! Blessings…

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