The Pink Sea

The pink sea at sunrise pulling me away neon birds dip their wings into the softness of that color the world tilts to new shades as spring yields to coming summer and the pink sea stretches the sun to blanket the broken desert - Caroline A. Slee

The Sleeping Sea

Dark clouds shimmer pink fire as the sea sinks to flatness and low tides no green flashes or vanishing horizons night hints its own arrival moonless and still a calm we forget during the daylight rush a sleeping sea to lull us to sweet dreams - Caroline A. Slee

The Desert Sea #MondayBlogs

Photo by Abdullah Ghatasheh on We learned that water could die cut off from its source isolated in the name of progress at the mercy of engineered damswe watched the skies fill a toxic cloud blooming as sea levels dropped we felt our lungs tighten seeking the air amid the poison we bore the … Continue reading The Desert Sea #MondayBlogs

In Childhood Imagining

The world was a vast sea and the sea was my home calling me to sail on and at last join the sun the horizon was a resting point a guidepost on the way to places that lived beyond all dreams and wild imaginings The world was a vast sea and that sea was my … Continue reading In Childhood Imagining

Longing to See…

The sea has a long reach touching the entire world calling me, landlocked as I am to return, return my heart flies to the call upward, oceanward longing to see those shores so long left behind - Caroline A. Slee


Each moment holds a reminder Of still another thing to do In a life filled with demands To go, go, go We spend minutes In a silent rebellion Of breath and movement And awe Capturing beauty Allowing ourselves To be captured by it Despite a world Crushing down upon our shoulders Reminders are disruptions To … Continue reading Reminders

Tuesday Dreams at 1 a.m.

Waves were building Covering the lighthouse And we began climbing Seeking higher ground But as the sea Washed away the land We dove, transformed No longer creatures of the land But dancing through the waves Returned to the sea ~ Caroline A. Slee

Alien #wwwblogs

Foreign stars Dwell beneath the sea Another planet Merged into our own And those tides Call us to return Our evolution in reverse The song of home A melody Beneath the waves - Caroline A. Slee


For it is not the smooth sea That carries us forward But the wave and the wind That lead us Where we long to be ~ Caroline A. Slee


The sky is a sea Deep and unexplored Taken for granted By those who forget To turn their eyes Upward There are fathoms And layers Covered over With clouds Alight With only the brightness Of dying stars The sky is a sea Reflecting our vast oceans Inviting us all To rise - Caroline A. Slee