The Pit

The strange fall of nighttime hours

Heavy Lids

Our eyes do not open when the clock sounds its orders we rise as sleepwalkers to the rhythm of the alarm staggering into action we navigate blindly out of our beds the familiar floors and walls welcoming our morning stumbles - Caroline A. Slee

Do Not Disturb #MondayBlogs

I guard my sleep as though my life depended on it setting a watch powering down beginning a ritual well in advance I set guardians at the gate an aggressive do not disturb waving a sign for all to stay away as my body seeks healing restoration I guard my sleep like riches buried away … Continue reading Do Not Disturb #MondayBlogs


The currents tug at us landlocked and surrounded setting us into a spin sending us drifting every which way finally rocking us to lullaby sleep - Caroline A. Slee


Deep dreams etch themselves across my mind as muscles melt into softness sleep calls from another realm to drift away from daylight - Caroline A. Slee

The Chase

Rest will come with dreams of the air a peace we chase with our eyes shut tight ~ Caroline A. Slee

This Morning #MondayBlogs

This morning My mind remains Tangled in the sheets My head seeks A pillow to rest And fall into dreams A weariness Rests on my shoulders As responsibility Makes her demands And my body Reluctantly Rises into the day - Caroline A. Slee

A sonnet to my sleep #wwwblogs

I could begin a sonnet to my sleep For all the hours I dreamt on a pillow Or I could simply face the day and leap Into higher gears straight from the mellow The dawn will come, a reliable truth Though we may long to remain in our dreams But we still know that the … Continue reading A sonnet to my sleep #wwwblogs


The miles grow longer as the sun's shadow stretches and shade is sparse beyond the green Promises weigh heavy a "hurry hurry" to every step as oxygen thins into altitude We carry grief and beauty Together on our own less-traveled path - Caroline A. Slee

Friday Philosophy…Sleep

I've made it past 9:00 p.m. I consider this a real grown up time, so if I go to bed immediately - it's no harm, no foul. I think I may have been ready to sleep right after dinner. I have this salad I order whenever my Mom and I go to Yardhouse - I … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Sleep