Upon Us #MondayBlogs

We did not offer our backs Yet we became bridges nonetheless On this strange journey Along the margins We were sudden avatars The past to the present to all of the tomorrows Were held within us Until we kept the collective memories Of cosmic shifts and ongoing injustice A society that prides itself On modernity, … Continue reading Upon Us #MondayBlogs

All the Days to Come #wwwblogs

The world weeps and rages A story we have heard before Repeated throughout history Wounds that have never been healed Excuses and blame Stand in place of accountability Always a scapegoat Waiting for the money men To point their fingers And shake in their righteousness Indignation a sham Covering power grabs And the hunger for … Continue reading All the Days to Come #wwwblogs

Is Capitalism Forever? #WriterWednesday

For this week's #WriterWednesday, I want to share with you the book "Is Capitalism Forever?" by author Nelson Gist. Nelson Gist has been an activist organizer since the 1970s through today's Occupy movement. The timeliness of this book could not be more apt. When I had the opportunity to sit down with Nelson, it was … Continue reading Is Capitalism Forever? #WriterWednesday