Is Capitalism Forever? #WriterWednesday

For this week’s #WriterWednesday, I want to share with you the book “Is Capitalism Forever?” by author Nelson Gist.

Nelson Gist has been an activist organizer since the 1970s through today’s Occupy movement. The timeliness of this book could not be more apt. When I had the opportunity to sit down with Nelson, it was just a few weeks before the election. At that time, he was in the midst of questioning our social process surrounding campaigns and elections.

In the book “Is Capitalism Forever?” Nelson shares his history and experiences in Unions and in direct action to shed light on the Marxist perspective of Capitalism in America today. Whether you agree or disagree with the idea of Capital being at the root of social and economic injustice in the United States, you will find valuable information about today’s economy in this book. (Hint: there’s an entire chapter dedicated to the Walmart model of classism.)

I very much enjoyed the way this book pushed me to question my assumptions and views, while also shedding light on the spin machine at work to shade our opinions. This machine has been at work for many decades now, and we are seeing the latest iteration of it.

Thought-provoking and daring, “Is Capitalism Forever?” challenges the Capitalist model we have all grown to accept as “normal.”

I highly recommend this book for its rich content, and the vicarious experience the author gives us by taking us on his journey through activism, and sharing his views on political economy today.

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