Sun and Moon and Stars #MondayBlogs

The skies will lead us home or away navigators at heart drawn to the place we seek we stand on shores or gaze from mountains always pulled by that North Star the sun and moon and stars map the world and the seasons for harvest or for rest and we follow their guidance with our … Continue reading Sun and Moon and Stars #MondayBlogs

Seeking the Sun

We cast aside our darkness turn our faces towards the sun like outstretched flowers chasing the light they need we shrug off winter’s burdens becoming light and bright with spring like a melting world shifting between the frost and the warmth we shift beyond our dormancy seeking the sun creatures of light, seeking light to … Continue reading Seeking the Sun

Hours #MondayBlogs

Memories of lazy hours Spent in the sun Careless and carefree Without a thought of all ahead The playful hours Before responsibility hit When the lightness Was all that rested upon us A celebration of the sun And those hours Long behind us A praise for long memory Pulling us back in time - Caroline … Continue reading Hours #MondayBlogs

Healing Magic #MondayBlogs

It comes with the fire Through bone and blood Like a memory Of the time we were stars Firing like the sun Millions of years Into a past forgotten When we danced As the lights through the darkness Still the instincts return As our masks are dropped And who we are: That bright and brilliant … Continue reading Healing Magic #MondayBlogs


She is a dance a song a peaceful dawn She is the setting sun sharing the sky with an early moon She is the earth the air the fire and the water And none of these in the next breath She is the storm and the ground shaking beneath our feet Creator Destroyer Or anything … Continue reading Goddess…#wwwblogs

Tuesday Thoughts…Family Dinner

Do you ever just look at your life and start laughing? Allow me to explain. We eat dinner together every night. Okay, some nights, Lara is working at dinner time. In that case, the three of us eat dinner together. Conversation is pretty "stream of consciousness" during our meals around here. Tonight was a perfect … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts…Family Dinner