Tuesday Thoughts…Family Dinner

Do you ever just look at your life and start laughing?

Allow me to explain.

We eat dinner together every night. Okay, some nights, Lara is working at dinner time. In that case, the three of us eat dinner together.

Conversation is pretty “stream of consciousness” during our meals around here.

Tonight was a perfect example. Our topics (in order) were:

– the apocalypse: final doom, or new beginning?
– the sun: could it set the world on fire?
– will humans die out like the dinosaurs did?
– why are green vegetables so good for us?
– music lessons
– monty python
– cross country running
– volleyball serves
– ghost stories
– is it really going to rain?
– if it rains, will our house get a flood again?
– what causes hurricanes anyway?
– what do I know about polynomials? (I know how to spell the word. I think.)
– why is it bad to go swimming during a thunderstorm?
– why do English accents sound so much better than American ones (little guy wants to know)?
– do we adults believe in Megalodon/Submarine?

I’m probably leaving a lot out – the basic annoyances of an older sister for a younger brother. Tonight’s objections had to do with the way he used his napkin, but I SWEAR on the way home she objected to the way he breathes. Oy!

Lara and I have to laugh. We try to keep up with the tangents.

I ended the meal singing Fiddler on the Roof. It was the only defense left. We segued into Let There Be Peace on Earth. Kiddos thought that one was dull.

Welcome to the daily grind around here. 🙂

Blessings to you all…

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