A Sunrise in Grey and Blue

Waking up to storms and clouds

The Pink Sea

The pink sea at sunrise pulling me away neon birds dip their wings into the softness of that color the world tilts to new shades as spring yields to coming summer and the pink sea stretches the sun to blanket the broken desert - Caroline A. Slee

All of the Sunrises

When the dawn comes I can be found watching the sun rise over the sea the clouds are fires and pastels and thunder as the road cuts through rough desert all of the sunrises paint themselves visions and dreams to memories on that lonely highway that passes the sea dreaming beneath the sunrise waiting for … Continue reading All of the Sunrises


Each moment holds a reminder Of still another thing to do In a life filled with demands To go, go, go We spend minutes In a silent rebellion Of breath and movement And awe Capturing beauty Allowing ourselves To be captured by it Despite a world Crushing down upon our shoulders Reminders are disruptions To … Continue reading Reminders

Why I Run.

I'm sore today. The funny thing is, today was a walking day. Well, mostly walking, just a short pace of running, and a nice walk followed by a good stretch. Mileage has increased. At the end of July my long run will pass marathon distance, so I don't hit the wall in the actual marathon. … Continue reading Why I Run.

The Divinity of Nature…

Drinking my coffee this morning, in a tiny break from the strange humidity we have been having out here, I found myself not consciously thinking of gratitude - just feeling it. Between the mourning doves starting their morning conversations, and the sunrise viewed through the pepper tree, and the general quiet of the neighborhood, I … Continue reading The Divinity of Nature…