Why I Run.

I’m sore today. The funny thing is, today was a walking day. Well, mostly walking, just a short pace of running, and a nice walk followed by a good stretch.

Mileage has increased. At the end of July my long run will pass marathon distance, so I don’t hit the wall in the actual marathon. I’m feeling a little less than passionate at the moment, so I’m basically blogging my accountability and reminders here. At least this way, you all can yell at me if I go off track. 🙂 Nice of me to drag you into this, isn’t it?

Why do I run?

– It knocks the crazy out
– Running clears my cobwebs
– I run so my children can see what determination looks like
– I run because cancer can kiss my ass
– I run because the sunrise is my own show
– I run because I feel connected to the universe
– Running lifts my spirit
– Every journey has its own thrill
– Every time I go out the door, there is something new
– I run for the bliss, even when I have to chase it

Okay. I feel better.

Happy Wednesday. Please go ahead and send over your St. Crispin’s Day speeches, if you feel so inclined.

Blessings to you all…

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