Works In Progress! The Happy Writer.

I am living in two worlds right now, from a writing standpoint. I am making progress on "The Cancer-Free Trainer." This is a step-by-step overview to what worked for me in recovering from my cancer treatment. It's the movement and exercise that helped me get back to my body again. In other words, this is … Continue reading Works In Progress! The Happy Writer.

A Trip Down Memory Lane…#MondayBlogs

Today I shared a story with my friend, Mi, about a post-surgery miscommunication disaster that happened here once. We were laughing, and Lara laughed over it with me once she arrived home. It made me think of all the quirky things that happened during my breast cancer treatment. Lara and I are still having a … Continue reading A Trip Down Memory Lane…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Remission

I'm celebrating today. As Moses just mumbled very sleepily, "happy anniversary," today marks 3 years that I have been in remission. So it's sort of a happy birthday/farewell to boobs celebration day. 🙂 As a result, today's quotable quotes are about remission and cancer - from a mostly cheerful point of view, since I plan … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Remission

We Are the Champions…Another Public Service Announcement

The American Cancer Society predicts that there will be approximately 233,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer this year. Of those estimated cases, around 40,000 will result in death. Although age is a factor in breast cancer risk, there are so many individual factors at play that the statistical averages don't really paint a very … Continue reading We Are the Champions…Another Public Service Announcement

Publishing, Health, and Updates…

Since I set that "publish on the 1st of the month" schedule for myself, I've been working almost constantly. 🙂 I didn't go through Lulu Publishing this time, but instead uploaded my format and covers onto Amazon through Createspace. Today, my new book, The Cancer-Free Gourmet, went live on Kindle! I hope those of … Continue reading Publishing, Health, and Updates…