Language will flow when the crowds have gone and my tongue is untied as the butterflies have flown Language will flow like a broken dam as water rages free back to its natural path Language will flow unbidden and unwanted by those who refuse to hear and the truth remains hidden hoarded like a miser’s … Continue reading Monologues

Competing Voices #WWWBlogs

Photo by Anete Lusina on Your truth is still the truth no matter who denies it it is meant to be spoken not choked downlike so much poison reappearing later in all its toxic glory Your truth is still significant no matter how many try to silence it it is meant to be shouted … Continue reading Competing Voices #WWWBlogs

George Orwell #FridayPhilosophy

"In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell


In words we find hidden power: persuasion wooing opinions like a sweet lover spells casting magic across the gritty cloak of daylight fiction sending us through portals into new worlds In words we find abuse of power: the lies we tell to paint people into corners the blame we lay at the doorsteps of others … Continue reading Language

Of Candlelight and the Corn Moon

Beware the light you hide behind For it shines upon your truth And all you seek to bury deep Will be uncovered once more The full corn moon shines Bright and golden Upon all the lies you’ve spilled Until conscience floods in Like the light of day Showing you for all you are And what … Continue reading Of Candlelight and the Corn Moon

Troubles #MondayBlogs

The warning signs are everywhere A danger ahead: But only for some - In a world where power shouts over protest And wishing my death Stands as part of loving me All contradictions Lies must always be swallowed And only acknowledged as absolute truth A collective madness Infecting our every day Leaving people in mourning … Continue reading Troubles #MondayBlogs

Waterfalls #MondayBlogs

The truth will cascade Sweeping us away Cleansing our beings Right to the bones Rushing in like a flood Undeniable A baptism by nature Cradled in our element The return to water Healing our spirits Cradling us when we need calm Carrying us away From the broken familiar Into the transformation We have sought to … Continue reading Waterfalls #MondayBlogs

Unbecoming #wwwblogs

Turn back the curse Unlinking the chains Put the heavens back in place After men tore them down Dress in your power And walk in your truth Ignoring the naysayers Who refuse to believe - Caroline A. Slee


Attractive lies Told us That poison would be Transformation A potion To bring about the new So the world Gladly sipped Consuming The toxic But the transformation Was destruction And a world Unrecognizable: Poison killed truth But still we consumed it ~ Caroline A. Slee

Outcropping #wwwblogs

Sometimes the distance Gives only a glimmer A single light standing Somewhere in the darkness Hope is a lonely path Living isolated On rocky outcroppings Saving seafarers from certain death The pain of that beacon Is a reckoning The price for cheating death From greedy depths We trade devotion For a stay of execution And … Continue reading Outcropping #wwwblogs