Like Water

We flow like water

Water Seeks Water

Water seeks water toes that miss the sand ankles that need to feel the ocean as I walk a slower pace and return to what I am the ocean is pulling me back to that sense of self welcoming me to immerse myself to sink and play a carefree respite before the world resumes its … Continue reading Water Seeks Water

The Desert Sea #MondayBlogs

Photo by Abdullah Ghatasheh on We learned that water could die cut off from its source isolated in the name of progress at the mercy of engineered damswe watched the skies fill a toxic cloud blooming as sea levels dropped we felt our lungs tighten seeking the air amid the poison we bore the … Continue reading The Desert Sea #MondayBlogs

A wish of a memory

A wish of a memory - Takes me back to the before - To the far off and reflection - Swimming through the sky - A wish of a memory - Fills my heart with longing - Oh, let me return, let me return - To my home within the water ~ Caroline A. Slee

A Long Time Away #WWWBlogs

I rest in this place So far from where I wish to be And a long time From the memory Of quiet and solitude I remain here in this place Always a bit unsettled A drive pushing me To another space and place A water creature Living in the landlocked desert Finding beauty around me … Continue reading A Long Time Away #WWWBlogs

Missed Meditations

Drive is reduced To the essential Control of breath No matter the racing heart As we slice forward Through an underwater world Consciousness shifts And body renews A purpose in opposition To every landlocked step Taken in the day-to-day At this homecoming A return to self In the return to water A meditation to transform … Continue reading Missed Meditations


I miss sinking Into weightlessness: That drift into silence As chatter Is drowned out By the water. And my body: Dangerous as a knife Cutting through The surface. A firing engine All propulsion And swift Forward motion. I miss That feeling of balance: Finding grace Like a dancer Once I step Off from land. Breath … Continue reading Return

The Memory of Water #MondayBlogs

It is chaos Darkness tumbling Existence through the void And a single voice Carries the melody Of the only song that matters Our arid hearts Cannot whisper bliss In the face of nothingness All sharp edges and precipices And danger as we wander blindly And the water remembers Every tear Every joyful murmur Rippling into … Continue reading The Memory of Water #MondayBlogs

Freshwater Mermaids

Far from the sea We seek our return Creatures of two worlds Constantly divided A half life on land And joy in the sea While home is the rocks And the soil We roll We tumble Chasing that thrill Finding waves within ripples And diving Limited depths Mermaids For a moment