Above the Wind

The mountains are swallowed By greedy sands Rising like an ocean Into the sky On the ground below We are blinded The air stinging our skin As we lean into our steps Above the wind Above the clouds Snow flurries into the sky As winter holds court In these last days Before spring bursts forth … Continue reading Above the Wind

The Dream of Snow

The sky shifts colors growing pale with winter light and the wind carries a bite nipping at our skin Breath fogs the sky as we step out into the chill the ground shining like glass beneath unsteady feet The flurries begin their dance across the air bringing the silence of prayer to cover the Earth … Continue reading The Dream of Snow

Behind the Wind

Our mountains vanish beyond chill winds a snowfall rushing downward a curtain blocking half of the world the wind outside blurs earth into sky stirring up the desert into frost and sand biting into our skin like an ice storm with its shards shrieking through the air like a keening travelling over the sea to … Continue reading Behind the Wind


A world blanketed in white silence the old summer grasses peeking through the skies of fire warming the world below as winter's hold lingers over us ~ Caroline A. Slee

The Longest Night

The light falls away - As the sun sets in the day - The scales finally tip - Into a winter world of night ~ Caroline A. Slee

The Middle Point #MondayBlogs

Between Autumn's soft kissand the shortest nightwe fall into celebration. The pace of nature draws us back into the warm circle of her embrace. Between leaves turningin their golden, slow dancewe find a new rhythm. We prepare for winter'spale remonstrationsand ready ourselves for long nights. And the starts look onimpassive and stillwhile earth's children set … Continue reading The Middle Point #MondayBlogs

The Season #WWWBlogs

Winter holds the months Of hibernation Keeping me locked To the land Dreaming Of the return to water - Caroline A. Slee

Rise and Shine

Sound fills the silence Distant chimes Ringing in the winter winds An owl calling Her song to the night Coyote chatter dwindling As dens are found once more Morning is still hours away As my feet tiptoe Across cold tile Not even a hint of sunrise Breaks the darkness Stars hold brightly To the sky … Continue reading Rise and Shine


In the impossibility Of the endless white Of a frigid landscape We find that burst of brightness The flash of color Life into bloom The invincibility of hope When all should be lost And we thrive Our hearts warmed Within the cold Our minds sharp With a purpose Reawakened - Caroline A. Slee


I close my eyes And travel Down that path Paved by memory An afternoon In the northern Sunlight Of Alberta winter A silent snowfall Muffling the world Each snowflake Travelling In its slow dance To build the drifting White lawn Wrapped around the house As I rested Tucked up warm inside The toasty house Watching … Continue reading Snowfall