Return to the Water #MondayBlogs

Setting can be such a tricky part of writing for me. On the one hand, if I follow that old adage about writing advice - "write what you know" - I will automatically limit myself to locations I know well enough to recreate on the page. But what about those places I only know a … Continue reading Return to the Water #MondayBlogs


A little plot-based poetry, to start the novel-writing week.

The LA Times BookFest…#wwwblogs

In my evolution/development as a writer, I'm thinking of my timelines in terms of titles. 2015 is the "finish the Blood Curse series year." 2016 is the "year of the festival." For those of you on the west coast, you may know that the LA Times Book Fest is coming up soon (April 18 and … Continue reading The LA Times BookFest…#wwwblogs

Better Late Than Never! #MondayBlogs

Your writing environment. I think it's safe to say that we all have one: that space we nestle into with our laptop or notebook and start to make the magic happen on the page. Personally, I'm a "free range" kind of writer. I will write at my desk, on the couch, in bed, at the … Continue reading Better Late Than Never! #MondayBlogs

The Witching Hour for Writers…#MondayBlogs

At this point, we have all talked about the importance of the mundane: To Do Lists Schedules Daily goals Real life just loves it when we make plans. As much as I believe we all need structure in our daily lives, it is definitely not the only element of writing that should be considered. I … Continue reading The Witching Hour for Writers…#MondayBlogs

Relationship Springboard…#MondayBlogs

There's a blogger/writer I love to read, named Rachel Thompson. She's now also blogging for the Huffington Post, and she was one of the very first people I followed when I signed up for Twitter. She is a firm advocate for writers using social media WISELY. What is social media about, at the end of … Continue reading Relationship Springboard…#MondayBlogs